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    Ratify and implement the F.C.T.C treaty and make it a reality on the ground

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    Tobacco farming health impact & child labor in Africa

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    Tobacco companies targeting youth in Africa

  • Enforce Bans on tobacco advertising promotion   sponsorship in Africa

    Enforce Bans on tobacco advertising,promotion and sponsorship in Africa

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    More than 1,200 women die every week in Africa due to Tobacco related diseases
  • Increased Taxes lead to reduced death  diseases from  tobacco

    Increased Taxes lead to reduced death  diseases from  tobacco

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    Over 3 Million children in Africa continue to use tobacco each day

  • Cessation Quit programs in Africa to assist the smoker in  quittingCessation Quit programs in Africa to assist the smoker in  quitting

    Reduction of exposure to secondhand smoke


We’re a regional non-governmental organization committed to fighting the tobacco epidemic in Africa. We strive to develop and deliver high-impact evidence-based tobacco control interventions across the continent. To achieve our vision of a society free from the harm caused by tobacco, Africa Tobacco-Free Initiative is involved in the development and advocacy for tobacco control measures regionally . Our activities involve;

  • Tobacco Industry Monitoring
  • Promoting & advocating for regional and national legislative and regulatory frameworks 
  • Conducting research on tobacco control policies in Africa
  • Protecting people from tobacco smoke & Second-hand Smoke
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Sustainable sessation programs development


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People have died from tobacco-related diseases in Africa since the opening of the first FCTC working group on 28 October 1999.

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