• There are 77 million smokers in Africa.
  • 80% smokers live in low & middle income countries.
  • Mauritania has the world's highest rate of tobacco consumption- an average of 41 cigarettes a day
  • If we don’t do anything, it is projected that by 2100 one in four of the world’s smokers will live in Africa, or 336 million people total.
  • This means that 160 million Africans will die prematurely from tobacco related disease unless we take action now.
  • Tobacco companies spend billions of dollars each year to market their deadly products and get kids to start smoking in Africa. 
  • 43 African countries have signed a World Health Organization treaty to combat tobacco, and now they must all follow through by implementing strong tobacco controls laws before Africa’s tobacco epidemic grows worse.
  • Over 250,000 Africans die from tobacco related diseases in Africa every year
  • More than 3,089,700 children continue to use tobacco in Africa each day. 
  • Over 1,105 women are being killed by tobacco every week.
  • Malawi derives up to 70 percent of its foreign exchange earnings from the tobacco crop and 80 percent of the country’s labour force works in the tobacco industry. 
  • In developing countries, many of the poorest smokers spend significant amounts of their income on tobacco instead of basic human requirements such as food, shelter, healthcare and education. 
  • 28.7% of youth in the African Region bought cigarettes in a store.
  • 48.2% of youth in the African Region are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke in public places.
  • 59.1% of youth in the African Region saw pro-cigarettes advertisement on billboards.



People have died from tobacco-related diseases in Africa since the opening of the first FCTC working group on 28 October 1999.

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